Host of Boomin' Classics

 "Your Music Selector"

 Samuel Wooten is a DJ from Hartford CT who refuses the title of DJ.  A dedicated music lover, enthusist, historian, who prefers to be called," YOUR MUSIC SELECTOR".  His hobby of selecting music began at his mom's house party/card games at the young age of 9-10 years old.  The only way to stay up later than his brothers was to learn & remember the favorite songs of the grown-ups at these parties, since he was no good at frying chicken & other duties assigned to his sister.

A long-time listener & lover of radio, Sam's favorite DJ's included, Ray Perkins, DeWayne Williams, DJ Willie Q & DJ Mellow D.  Aspiring to be one of the "Nighttime Giants TPK, Wooten simulated broadcasting in various rooms of the apartments his family moved to the delight & more often times, the ire of his many neighbors, Wooten continues this hobby, "JOB" to this day.

Any house party, cook-out, wedding reception that would hire or needed music, he tried to participate in.  Eventually, setting up his DJ equipment on a vacant parking lot on Sigourney Street in Hartford for a cook-out, lead to a chance meeting of WRTC's Craig Black.

At the advice of Black & DJ Mellow D, Wooten was encouraged to attend a TPK Meeting to join WRTC.  The road to joining TPK proved to be long, since a wifey, a total of six children & a 3rd shift job had to be attended to.

After a couple more years of employment due to a change in health, Wooten in & out of nursing homes never lost the passion or desire to become a part of TPK.  A dedicated listener of WRTC Wooten was brought to the attention of program director, Ms. Ronnie Sanders.

At Ms. Sanders urging to attend a TPK meeting when the time would allow, Wooten finally trained to become a member of TPK.  Included in the same class were DJ Dave Dynamic, and DJ Colin "Collywood".



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