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Faith Without Faithfulness Is Fear

It is important to believe for the change that you want to see. Often, the changes you desire to see in life do not occur because of fear. Fear is a direct opponent of faith. When you proclaim your faith, be careful not proclaim your fears. Genuine faith aligns with the desires of your heart but also activates the power of manifestation. Doubt, cynicism, sarcasm, negative affirmations, hesitancy and procrastination are elements of fear and will only activate stagnation, affliction and distress. If you have faith that you will get the job you have interviewed for, then live as if you have been offered that job. If you have a business idea, live as if your business is up and running. Watch how your dreams, goals. ideas and your life's purpose begin to manifest when you activate genuine faith to your life. Remember, you can not have faith and fear at the same time.

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