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The Original Grand Master Jay

          Host of the Chillin w/ Jay Show

 "dedicated to always bringing you that feel good music"

I'm James aka The Original Grand Master Jay. I started out around 77 on my moms components set making scratches and pause button mix tapes. Until doing paper routes and saving and side jobs or helping my step dad. I saved up and shopped for cids on 42nd street and grabbed 2 slb101 turntables and a Gemini mixer. I practiced everyday with may friends dj demo and stezo out in new haven on brookside avenue where I grew up. I got good and started doing people house parties. And getting known in new haven and started doing middle school parties where I met a wybc. dj name stretch of supersounds who shared his vision of blending and cutting and sampling and even splicing reel to reels and incorporated pause button mixes all in our mixes from there I met and played on wybc here and there and I met dj special k and rock master Scott who also djayed at the new haven elks club,  from which I ended up joining them as the opening dj but it ended up we would go back and fourth rocking the crowd together and the club dj in me was born and I ended up meeting my second dj mentor Dwayne dj DC coles and we blew up clubs like Bentley's cafe and the Elks club and events like the unity and community with our Jamaican friend and selector third world. More clubs followed like chico and frankies oaisis and taurus b cafe and the legendary brick n wood and Tony's international I then went on to big events like the Kelly's blue jeans dance with my assistant at the time william dj chubbs king. Yes assistant I was the headliner for that first and looked out for my friends. I then let the dj world introduced me into drugs and hit rock bottom but I got clean and got back into my first love; The Lord and DJing.


I celebrate 20 years of sobriety and am currently doing my thing on 89.3 WRTC FM and and my new home on Power Muzic Radio with my show "The Chilling w/ Jay Show".