Host of Dynamics Play House

"Musical Dynamics at the next level"


Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, DJ Dave Dynamic has been infiltrating the airwaves with some of the most eclectic and memorable musical experiences period. R&B and House music is his specialty and his ability to mesh both styles together has been noted by radio listeners, party goers and DJ's within the Tri-State region. 

DJ Dave Dynamic's connection to Power Muzic Radio started in 2017 as one of the new Thought Power DJ's on 89.3 WRTC FM. His infectious personality and level of musicality was noteworthy which has propelled his level of popularity. He is serious about his craft, but even more serious about creating a fun and inclusive experience that makes one want to dance until they can't dance no more. 


 Some things about DJ Dave Dynamic:

Favorite Singer: Gladys Night, Michael Jackson and Jeffrey Osborn

Favorite Sport: Basketball, Football, Dodge Ball

Favorite Movie: End Game, Silence of the Lamb.

He is a founding member of the Power Muzic Radio Krew!



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